Techni (Naxos Town)


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Techni (Naxos Town)

If you're in the market for some exquisite authentic embroidery, rugs, bed linens, and other home decor items made of fabric, look no further - Techni stocks an incredible selection of artisan pieces, both old and new, many being one-off examples of hand-made Naxian art.


The place to go for some of the best shopping on Naxos is, of course, the island's Hora. Items typical of Naxos are olive-derived products, local sweets and candy, organic foods such as cheeses and herbs, wines, and "kitron" (citrus liquor). When it comes to souvenirs, explore the variety of Naxian handicrafts: from hand-woven fabrics to ceramic pieces to hand-made artisan jewellery. The larger villages of Halki, Apiranthos, and Filoti offer further shopping opportunities. For everyday needs, several vendors' stalls and mini-markets are usually in operation on and around the large beaches.