Kastro (Naxos Town)


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Kastro (Naxos Town)

Hora's old quarter known as Kastro is the island's shopping hot spot - its windy streets are packed with tiny stores and boutiques selling all manner of things, from clothing and beach paraphernalia to local delicacies and souvenirs, including Naxian foods and ceramics.


The place to go for some of the best shopping on Naxos is, of course, the island's Hora. Items typical of Naxos are olive-derived products, local sweets and candy, organic foods such as cheeses and herbs, wines, and "kitron" (citrus liquor). When it comes to souvenirs, explore the variety of Naxian handicrafts: from hand-woven fabrics to ceramic pieces to hand-made artisan jewellery. The larger villages of Halki, Apiranthos, and Filoti offer further shopping opportunities. For everyday needs, several vendors' stalls and mini-markets are usually in operation on and around the large beaches.