Delfinaki (Lionas)


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Delfinaki (Lionas)

Delfinaki offers a warm welcome and excellent local cuisine largely made with home-grown ingredients and fresh fish. A meal will be normally followed by a complimentary drink and/or dessert, the hospitable owners often insisting that guests bring some house delights along with them upon departure.


Perhaps surprisingly for an island, Naxian cuisine is known more for its meat than seafood: grass-fed beef, lamb, goat meat and poultry often feature as primary dish ingredients on the island restaurants' menus. Try the Naxian specialty Easter dish called "patoudo" — stuffed lamb meat with herbs, often served with the celebrated regional potatoes. Meals often start with a round of small plates called "meze". These are made with seafood, meat, and vegetables. The island is also known for locally-produced wines and cheeses like gruyer, arseniko, xynomizithra, xynotyro and mizithra.