The Ocean Club (Naxos Town)


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The Ocean Club (Naxos Town)

One of the island's go-to nightlife venues, The Ocean Club boasts an airy outdoor terrace for low-key evening cocktails and an indoor dancing area that comes alive every weekend during the high season. In the winter, the venue remains open hosting (less frequent) concerts and guest DJs.

Bars & Nightlife

Nightlife in Naxos is relatively low-key, with only a handful of dance venues in operation. Most establishments are concentrated in and around the island's Hora and along the "Paralia" (waterfront), with a couple bars present in the majority of larger Naxian coastal settlements. The most popular format for whiling away an evening is savouring a drink at one of the many bars with a view — whether up on the Kastro or down by the water. The island also hosts two cultural festivals: the Naxos Festival (runs from the middle of July till September) and Domus Cultural Festival (from June to October), both featuring concerts, film screenings, and various art projects.