Independent & Adventure Travel

These are both the big bucket list trips (a safari, trek to Everest Base Camp, Antarctica) and the trips where you just want to explore.

Bucket list trips can be intimidating. Which cruise line should you take to your once in a lifetime Antarctic Cruise? For a safari, do you want to join a fully guided group tour or have a tour custom crafted for your family? We find out what you are looking for and find the right travel option to fit your needs. We know the tour operators. We know who to call if you want pure luxury, or adventure, or something in between.

For those who want to explore a new location on their own, we can help you find a perfectly located hotel. We know when it is best to rent a car or navigate the train system. We know the key experiences (and how to book them) in most locations. We also know when you need to get expert help with operators on the ground.