Why Hire a Travel Agent For Your Destination Wedding

Planning a destination wedding can be overwhelming! There are so many choices and so many things to consideration. We are going to break down the 5 ways that a destination wedding specialist will be your secret weapon to pulling off an amazing destination wedding without driving yourself crazy.

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1. We know the resorts!

Because of our first hand knowledge of the resorts, we can pretty quickly narrow down your options based on your priorities and your guests. There are hundreds of resorts in the Riviera Maya. After a single conversation, we will know the top 3 that will be the best fit for your wedding.

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2. Our Relationships

We have invested alot of time into building relationships. We have relationships with our stateside travel partners, other destination wedding specialists, resorts, on site wedding coordinators, and the list goes on. These relationships help us when we are determining what type of package is going to be best for you and your guests.  And if things go a little sideways, we will be able to get in touch with the person who can help out.

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3. Our Travel Expertise

In addition to planning a wedding, you are also planning a vacation for ALL of your guests. That means securing a room block, and making sure your guests know to book into the block. Luckily, a destination wedding specialist will have the systems in place for your guests to seamlessly book your wedding trip into the right resort for the right dates. As a bonus, we sort of help you with your RSVPs. We know everyone who has their hotel reservations!

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4. Travel Support for You and Your Guests

You will be getting married. Your destination wedding specialist will be the one to field all of the questions your guests may have. Maybe they want to know about the cancellation policy, maybe they want to know about how they will get to the hotel from the airport. Maybe they want to know the best place for a quick round of golf. Trust me, all travelers have at least 10 questions. Rather than you having to answer those questions, let your specialist handle it.

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5. Help When Things Happen

First, we plan things meticulously to do our best to avoid mishaps. This may be having guests arrive a day or two early just in case there are flight delays. It also means having backups wherever possible. No matter how much we plan, sometimes, things happen. And when that happens, we are there to figure things out. Whether it is figuring out a missing airport shuttle or moving your aunt to a different room or getting your best friend of a new flight. We are there to figure things out to reduce your stress on your wedding day.

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