Going to Hawaii? Hawaii COVID19 Pre Travel Test Protocol

Hawaii is initiating a Pre Travel testing program. It is a relatively straightforward process, but there are a few key details to keep in mind.  First, stay up to date on the specific information. This is a fluid situation and things will change.  The link below will take you to the website with the most up to date travel requirements.
Step 1: Register for the State of Hawaii Safe Travels Account. Each adult (18+) must register for his/her own account. The children should be listed under an adult’s account.
Step 2:  72 hours prior to departure, each traveler 5 and over must get a COVID19 test from a trusted test partner. If the test is not from a tested partner, it will not be accepted.
Step 3: 24 hours before departure, upload your test results to your Safe Travels account. Fill out the health questionnaire and receive a QR Code upon completion.
Step 4:  Upon arrival, show your QR code with photo identification. There will be a secondary health screening where your temperature will be taken. If you are arriving or staying in Oahu, you are free to enjoy your vacation. 
Step 5: For Maui County and Kuai voluntary rapid test upon arrival. If arriving on the Big Island of Hawaii, there is a mandatory second test on arrival. This mandatory arrival test on Hawaii will be paid for by Hawaii County.
What if I have a layover on the mainland (e.g. I fly from JFK to SFO, SFO to HNL)?
If you have a layover on the mainland before heading to Hawaii, the pre-travel test must be taken within 72 hours of leaving the mainland (in this example, within 72 hours of your flight from SFO to HNL).
What if I have a layover in Honolulu?
If you have a layover in Honolulu and your final destination is another island, your pretest is valid. After you land and are screened in Honolulu, you will have to fill out another Safe Travels form which will be good for the other islands. Upon landing at your final destination, you will again be screened and have a second test (voluntary or mandatory depending on your destination).
Will I be able to travel between islands?
The Big Island will not be taking part in inter-island travel at this point. Travel from another island to Hawaii Island will be subject to a 14-day quarantine. Maui County and Kuai will have inter-island travel. The Pre Travel Test protocol will be similar to the protocol from the mainland. They are still working out the details. If you go from the other islands (Maui County, Kuai, and Hawaii) to Oahu, no additional testing is required.
So there are a few extra steps to take into account. So take some time to plan, expect to spend a little extra time at the airport and it will be fine. Hawaii is open again and they are excited for us to come back and visit!